Lawn Health Services

With the annual warm weather, rain, and proper maintenance, Florida can be the perfect place to grow a beautiful lawn. Even with great conditions, every homeowner knows that a beautiful lawn is still a constant project, week in and week out. After all of that energy and time invested, the last thing you need is for pests to undo your hard work.

At UpRooted, we provide top-notch lawn health service so that all of your hard work pays off.

Get to Know Your Lawn – We can Help!

At UpRooted Weed and Pest Control, we treat our lawns like people…paying attention to their unique personalities and quirks. Your assigned Habitat Specialist will get to know you and your lawn on a personal basis. From our experience, consistency brings the best results. Our Habitat Specialist will visit monthly to manage your lawn, getting to know the problem areas and its special needs in detail throughout the year.

Like most things, preventative services and upkeep is the best solution for lawn maintenance. We inspect your lawn and treat everything as needed monthly. Unlike other companies that charge extra for fire ants, chinch bugs or specialized weed control treatments, ALL lawn treatments that we provide are included in one price.

Is it too Late to Get Started?

Absolutely not! UpRooted Weed and Pest Control is only a phone call, text or email away. Don’t let pests and insects rule your lawn. We can help diagnose the problem, identify pests, and design a treatment plan for you! If you would like a partner to help with your beautiful lawn, please contact us. The pests will regret it – you won’t!

You can call us at 727-871-0721.


(727) 871-0721
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