What are some interesting facts about rats?

Even though they creep most people out, rats are rather interesting creatures that have been around since the beginning of time (more or less). See what you can learn about rats from these facts that we have gathered.

  1. Rats are very social animals with brains that are shockingly similar to humans – that is why rats are used to study the human brain.
  2. Rats must chew all of the time to be able to eat because their teeth never stop growing. Rats have strong teeth that can chew through glass, cinder block, wire, aluminum, and lead.
  3. Rat jaws are built like an alligator’s and can exert as much as 7,000 pounds of pressure per square inch.
  4. Rats live in social societies, help each other out, and make sounds similar to laughter when happy.
  5. Rats use their tails to help them to balance, communicate, and regulate their body temperature.
  6. Rats don't sweat. They regulate their temperature by constricting or expanding blood vessels in their tails.
  7. Rats have been known to restart their hearts after electric shocks.
  8. A group of rats is called a mischief.
  9. Rats’ neophobic natures make them afraid to try new things. This is why it’s difficult to introduce bait in their environments.
  10. Rats are exceptionally clean animals, spending several hours a day grooming themselves.

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