Tree and Shrub

UpRooted Weed and Pest Control is a specialist in tree and shrub health, serving Pinellas County and surrounding areas. As a part of our service, a Habitat Specialist provides a full inspection of the plants on your property and treats them as needed every month.

Work with a Professional

It can be difficult to identify insect damage on your trees and shrubs. Pests change with the seasons. Our Habitat Specialists can inspect your plants, trees, and shrubs, and consult with you on the proper treatment. We hold special certifications and undergo annual training to ensure we are fully informed and compliant with local/state regulations.

Plant, Tree, and Shrub Health Management

Each of your plants and trees are different and need different attention and care. We believe that consistency will bring the best results for our clients, this is why your dedicated Habitat Specialist comes to your property monthly.

You can expect transparency from your Habitat Specialist. They will answer questions and offer explanations about our inspections for nutrient deficiencies, insects, diseases, and treatments such as fertilization and targeted control efforts.

Get Results with UpRooted Weed and Pest Control

Communication is the building block of our customer relationships. UpRooted Weed and Pest Control will be sure to keep you up to date on the progress of your tree and shrub treatment. Start a line of communication to get better results for your plants, trees, and shrubs now by contacting us.

You can call us at 727-871-0721.


(727) 871-0721
Dunedin, Clearwater, Largo, Palm Harbor, Tarpon, North Tampa, St Petersburg, Kenneth City and Oldsmar

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