Pest Management

Pest Management Affects More than Pests

All members of your household are impacted by the pests and the pest management methods you use in your home. At UpRooted Weed and Pest Control, we are pet owners too! Hobbes has multiple allergies and we are careful about what he is exposed to on a regular basis. We will provide the same level of attention for your pets that we provide to Hobbes.

Questions to Consider and Ask Your Pest Control Provider

You may treat your pets with one of the many popular topical treatments for fleas and ticks. Did you know that many of those treatments contain the same active ingredient that your pest control tech puts down on your property? That exposes your pet to up to twice the recommended dose. Does your pest control person know what product you use on your pet for flea control?

Who are your service people – are there different people doing your lawn, shrub, and pest control? If so, are they aware of what the other person is doing and what products they are using?

We alternate our active ingredient to ensure that insects do not build up a resistance to the products, and more importantly, that you and your family (including your four-legged members) are not overexposed to one product.

As a homeowner, you value the safety of your family and pets as well as a pest-free home and lawn. At UpRooted Weed and Pest Control, we can help you maintain a safety-conscious, pest-free environment for your loved ones.

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